Important Dates


(Q3) Friday, 3/16:  Last day of Q3

(Q4) Thursday, 3/22:  Walk for Others

(Q4) Friday, 3/23:  In-service

(Q4) Thursday, 3/29:  Easter Break

(Q4) Friday, 3/30:  Easter Break

(Q4) Monday, 4/2:  Easter Break

(Q4) Tuesday, 4/3:  No school IF Walk goal is achieved.

(Q4) Wednesday, 4/4:  In-service

(Q4) Friday, 5/4:  Elderfest

(Q4) Monday, 5/21:  final exams

(Q4) Tuesday, 5/22:  final exams

(Q4) Wednesday, 5/23:  final exams

(Q4) Wednesday, 5/23:  Last day of 2017/2018 school year.



(Q3) Friday, 3/2:  Literature Essay Test:  The Count of Monte Cristo

(Q3) Monday, 3/5:  Literature Objective Test:  The Count of Monte Cristo

(Q3) Friday, 3/16:  Vocabulary Test:  Unit 11

(Q4) Monday, 3/26:  Literature Essay Test:  Killing Mr. Griffin

(Q4) Tuesday, 3/27:  Literature Objective Test:  Killing Mr. Griffin

(Q4) Thursday, 4/5:  Vocabulary Test:  Unit 12

(Q4) Friday, 4/20:  Vocabulary Test:  Unit 13

(Q4) Thursday, 5/3:  Vocabulary Test:  Unit 14

(Q4) Friday, 5/11:  Literature Essay Test:  The Merchant of Venice

(Q4) Monday, 5/14:  Literature Objective Test:  The Merchant of Venice

(Q4) Thursday, 5/17:  Vocabulary Test:  Unit 15